2024 Fiber Expansion Signing Bonus

2024 Fiber Expansion Signing Bonus

To the residents of the Ashland - Brettings, Ashland - Golf Course, Eileen and Winter Phase 2 fiber expansion projects, we will be offering the following sign on bonuses if service is ordered in the specified month:
  1. February Order = $500 Sign-On Bonus
  2. March Order = $500 Sign-On Bonus
  3. April Order = $400 Sign-On Bonus
  4. May Order = $300 Sign-On Bonus
  5. June Order = $200 Sign-On Bonus
  6. July Order = $100 Sign-On Bonus
Terms and conditions apply. Only available to new residential subscribers in specific territories. An order for service must be received/started in the month specified to receive promotion. Upon ordering product or services over the phone or online an address check is required. Incentive dollar amount will be issued in the form of a one-time bill credit and applied to the first month’s bill. Subscriber will be required to pay any billed charges once credit has been depleted. If service is terminated prior to sign-on bonus being depleted, subscriber forfeits the balance. Payment for remaining balance will not be issued to disconnecting subscriber. No deposit or credit check required. No contract or early termination fees apply. Subscribers can cancel at any time without penalty. A UPS power backup unit will be needed to keep services working during power outages. Applicable taxes, fees (such as 911, USF, IEUF, activation) and surcharges extra. Free Standard Installation covers up to $200 of installation costs. Any services performed or equipment installed beyond the Free Standard Installation value (*over $200) will be billed on a time and materials basis. Additional labor will be billed at $85/hour in 30-minute increments. 

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