Apex WIFI | Apex WIFI for Business

Apex WIFI | Apex WIFI for Business

For just $16.99/month, you'll get:

  • WIFI 6 router

  • Professional installation

  • WIFI device support

  • Managed security

  • End-to-end device and network monitoring

And, you can view and control your network from anywher with the easy to use Apex App. To download the app, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, search Apex Managed WIFI and download the app.

Terms & Conditions

Norvado commercial customers with 4 ports or less can qualify for Apex Managed WIFI. No switches can be added. Not all products are available in all areas. Norvado does not service every individual address in every area. Upon ordering products or services over the phone or online an address check is required. Other limitations may apply. All product offers, availability and prices can change without notice. Other limitations may apply.

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