Apex WIFI | How do I use Parental Controls in the Apex WIFI app?

Apex WIFI | How do I use Parental Controls in the Apex WIFI app?

Enhanced parental controls are included with your Apex WIFI service. The video below walks you through how to set up Parental Controls within the Apex WIFI App.

What you can do with parental controls:

  • Create profiles for your children. This allows you to assign connected devices that belong to your children to their dedicated profile.

  • Set time limits. Create a schedule to turn off internet access for all devices connected to a profile.

  • Create restrictions. To keep your children safe while surfing the internet, you can turn on content restrictions (i.e pornography & nudity, gambling, violence, etc.), restrict certain applications (i.e. TikTok, Youtube, Netflix, etc.) or websites.

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