Apex WIFI | Terms & Conditions

Apex WIFI | Terms & Conditions

You've signed up for the best WIFI experience around (and if you haven't signed up yet, you should!), now its time to read up on the terms and conditions of this great service.

Please contact our customer support team at 800-250-8927 with any questions.

Terms & Conditions

Norvado service may not be available in certain geographic areas due to bandwidth restrictions.

Applicable taxes, fees (such as 911, USF, IEUF, activation) and surcharges extra. Monthly services and discounts will be prorated.

Professional installation of the router is included. Installation covers the time and materials required to run a cable from the ONT to the Apex router in an optimized location within the premise. Installation of mesh extender(s) and/or additional networking will be billed on a time and materials basis. The technician's time will be billed in 30-minute increments at $85 per hour.

Installation and material charges may apply. New internet, TV and/or phone service activations qualify for Free Standard Installation (up to $200 value). Services performed or equipment installed beyond the Free Standard Installation value (over $200) will be billed on a time and materials basis on first month’s statement.

Cancellation of services may result in the billing of full installation charges and equipment not returned.

Apex Managed WIFI is not eligible for seasonal downgrade. Customers may seasonally downgrade their Internet, phone, and/or TV service(s), but will be required to pay the full price for Apex Managed WIFI.

Apex Managed WIFI equipment is owned and managed by Norvado. The customer is leasing the equipment and service. Norvado is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of said equipment.

Norvado will fix or replace equipment at its discretion, depending on which is determined a better option by Norvado.

Customer is responsible for customer damaged or unreturned equipment. Customer damaged equipment includes, but is not limited to, dropped or liquid damaged equipment.

From time-to-time, Norvado may upgrade equipment, based on changing technology, as Norvado determines.

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