Charges for Unreturned Norvado Equipment

Charges for Unreturned Norvado Equipment

Upon the cancellation of service, a customer is required to return any Norvado owned equipment within thirty (30) days. If the equipment is not returned, the customer will be billed. Charges for unreturned equipment are listed below. 

SmartHome Service

Arlo Essential XL Camera: $199.99
Arlo Pro4 Camera: $199.99
Arlo Video Doorbell: $129.99
Power Cords: $49.99
Arlo Rechargeable Battery:
Arlo Battery Charging Station: $49.99

Apex Managed WIFI

Apex WIFI Router: $279.99
Apex Mesh Extender (u4m): $124.99
Apex WIFI Outdoor Extender (Gigaspire Blast u4hm): $424.99

Norvado TV

Set-Top Box: $200.00
DVR: $350.00
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