How do I use the Additional Listing feature?

How do I use the Additional Listing feature?

This service is excellent for households with active teenagers or small businesses with FAX machines because each number has its own distinctive ring. You have the luxury of two separate lines without the additional expense.

How to Use Additional Listing

Wait until the full ringing pattern is complete before you answer the phone so you know which number is ringing.


  1. With Call Waiting these same ringing patterns occur
  1. With Call Forwarding you may have one of two plans for forwarding calls made to your phone
  • Forward all calls to another number. However, distinctive ringing will not occur at that number.

  • You may forward only calls made to the main number. The secondary number will continue to ring at your premise.

If you have additional questions, please contact our Customer Support Team at 800-250-8927. 

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