Norvado PickME Plan | Terms & Conditions

Norvado PickME Plan | Terms & Conditions

By purchasing the PickMe Plan from Norvado, in addition to agreeing to Norvado’s terms of service (located here), you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, as outlined below.

See terms & conditions for traditional TV service here.

  • Norvado recommends the use of the following streaming devices to maintain optimal performance. Other devices will work to stream Norvado Television. However, they may initiate a lower quality video and/or create buffering delays.

    • Roku TV

      • Express 3900X

      • Premiere 3920X

      • Streaming Stick 3810X

      • Ultra 4640X

      • Roku 4 4400X

    • Amazon Fire TV

      • Stick Gen2

      • Fire TV Gen3

      • Stick 4K

      • Fire Cube Gen2

      • Fire TV Stick 4K

    • Apple TV

      • Gen 4

  • Norvado’s PickMe Plan includes Norvado’s Basic television package (local programming). Due to the agreements and regulations enforced by the content providers (channels) many of the channels cannot be viewed outside of Norvado’s network. Channels that can be viewed outside of Norvado’s network include:

    • 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network)

    • GSN (Game Show Network)

    • Jewelry TV

    • Bounce, Grit, Laff, Court TV, Court TV Mystery - these are the national feeds of these "multicast" channels from Katz broadcasting

    • MAV TV

    • Pursuit Channel

    • ShopHQ

    • TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

    • YouToo America

  • Streaming content, purchased with the streaming credits, from providers such as Sling, Hulu, Netflix are available outside of the Norvado territory.

  • The PickMe Plan includes and provides the following. There is no additional discount for not using a service.

    • Home Telephone via VoIP technology

    • 1 Gbps internet service*

    • Apex Managed WIFI

      • Network Firewall

      • Parental Controls

      • Apex WIFI App

    • Basic Television Package via streaming

    • $20 Monthly Streaming Credit

    • One (1) Fire TV 4K Max streaming device

    • Up to $99.99 of streaming setup/installation/training

*The internet speed provided is dependent on the facilities present at a customer's home. All customers on fiber will receive 1 Gbps internet with their PickME Plan. Customers on copper facilities will receive the fastest internet speeds available at their location with the PickME Plan.

  • Apex Managed WIFI must be installed and used for Norvado Television support.

  • Norvado Television provides 8 simultaneous streams on up to 15 different devices.

  • The additional streaming content credit must be executed on the Norvado Streaming Portal. Your additional streaming content can be changed monthly, IE: Netflix one month, Hulu another month. Please note, you are required to change the services with the content provider. Content credits will be issued monthly. Content credits are issued via a virtual credit card on the Norvado Streaming Portal.

  • Norvado will not install television streaming devices as part of the $200 standard installation credit. The PickME Plan includes $99.99 of streaming setup/installation/training, beyond which the customer is responsible for installing Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, using a Smart TV, etc. or paying Norvado for installation.

  • The Norvado PickME Plan is not available for seasonal customers.

  • PickMe Plan customers can take advantage of Norvado’s $200 installation credit for the installation of service.

  • A UPS power backup is required to maintain phone service during a power outage. Norvado doesn’t provide a UPS but does sell them should a customer be interested. Should you have any questions, please start a chat on or call customer service at 1-800-250-8927.

  • Streaming using a streaming stick, streaming device, or smart TV eliminates Norvado TVs caller ID screen pop, Video on Demand, and the weather app provided by the set top box.

  • The minimum internet requirement for streaming television from Norvado is 20Mbps download. However, it is recommended to have a 300x300Mbps or better fiber internet connection from Norvado.

  • With the exception of the Free Standard Installation offer, additional promotions/offers cannot be combined with the PickME plan unless specifically stated in the promotion/offer terms and conditions.

  • Must keep service for a minimum of 3 months. Disconnecting Norvado PickME plan service prior to the 3-month minimum will result in the billing of all installation costs covered by the Free Standard Installation and the cost of the Fire TV 4K Max streaming device.

Questions? Our Customer Service Team can be reached at 800-250-8927 or via the chat feature located on our website.

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