PickME Plan | Create a Norvado Streaming Account | Step 5

PickME Plan | Create a Norvado Streaming Account | Step 5

  1. Go to https://streaming.norvado.com/streaming-rewards/pickmeplan

  2. Click Create Account button in the purple box.

  3. Enter the email address used at time of purchasing the PickME Plan with Norvado or go to your email and find the onboarding email from MyBundle.TV. Create a password, accept the terms, and click Continue.

Oh no! I forgot the email I signed up with.

No worries! Start by checking your email inboxes for an onboarding email from MyBundle.TV. The email should look like this:

If you are able to locate the email from MyBundle.TV, click the link in the email and follow the steps above to setup your streaming account.

If you cannot locate the onboarding email, contact the Norvado Support Team at 800-250-8927 to verify the email you used to sign up for your PickME Plan.

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