SmartHome | Terms & Conditions

SmartHome | Terms & Conditions

By purchasing SmartHome from Norvado, in addition to agreeing to Norvado’s terms of service (located here), you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, as outlined below.

  • Customer receives 1 video doorbell, 1 indoor/outdoor camera or 2 indoor/outdoor cameras, appropriate outdoor power cords, and a subscription to Arlo Secure.

  • All equipment is owned and managed by Norvado. The customer is buying the total service, which includes the use of the equipment.

  • The service includes the use of equipment, installation, optimization, unlimited phone support, on-site support as needed and determined by Norvado, firmware upgrades, security patches, warranty work and replacement if necessary.

  • Although Norvado provides firmware upgrades and security patches, Norvado is not taking responsibility for your cybersecurity. Norvado is responsible for updating the firmware and security patches, a minimum of twice per year, but is in no way responsible for your cybersecurity or liable for any consequences from a security breech.

  • Requires Apex Managed WIFI and Norvado high speed internet subscriptions and services installed to have the SmartHome product.

  • For the equipment to work properly, the appropriate amount of bandwidth is required. We estimate a minimum of 2Mpbs x 2Mbps is required for each device.

  • The terms of the agreement are enforced. However, the customer has the ability to expand the number of products during the term of the agreement. The network cannot be downgraded.

  • Norvado may, at its discretion, replace equipment to new models, technology, or the like. However, it is our promise any replacement equipment would be equal or greater in capabilities of the equipment being replaced.

  • Norvado will not necessarily replace equipment within the term of service based on a customer request, unless it is malfunctioning, defective, or the like.

  • Upon contract expiration or service termination, the network equipment must be returned in working order to Norvado within 30 days. Failure to return equipment or returning abused equipment will result in a charge equal to MSRP of said equipment.

  • SmartHome cannot go on seasonal billing.

  • Accidental or customer caused damage is the responsibility of customer. Customer damaged equipment will be billed at MSRP. Norvado will replace equipment that fails, is malfunctioning or the like.

  • Additional like products can be added to the agreement for $9.99 each (camera’s, doorbells, etc.)

  • Add on products will be mailed to the customer for self-install. Norvado can be hired for add on product install at our standard rates.

  • Devices will be registered under Norvado, as they are owned by the company.

  • Norvado will install and neatly configure the provided (25'-30') power cord to an existing outdoor electrical outlet. Should an extension cord or additional electrical outlet be required, the customer is responsible for providing and installing the extension cord and installing the electrical outlet. Norvado will not go from an outdoor camera to an indoor outlet. If this is required, the customer is responsible for the cord installation.

  • Norvado does not provide, within the managed service of SmartHome, repositioning of cameras. Norvado can complete repositioning work for the customer on a time and materials basis.

  • Recharging and replacing batteries are the responsibility of the customer. Norvado’s standard installation of camera’s includes a 25’ outdoor cable to a power outlet, utilizing the battery as a backup during a power failure. The video doorbell doesn’t have a power cord. Therefore, the customer is responsible for charging and replacing.

  • Replacement batteries can be purchased through Norvado and will be shipped to the customer for replacement.

  • Charges for unreturned equipment are as follows: 

    • Arlo Pro 4 Camera: $199.99

    • Arlo Essential XL Camera: $199.99

    • Arlo Video Doorbell: $129.99

    • Rechargeable Battery: $49.99

    • Dual Charging Station for Arlo Pro4 Batteries: $49.99

    • Arlo Chime 2: $49.99

Questions? Start at chat at or give us a call at 800-250-8927.

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